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With CGI to successful product images

Clearly photographed products are important for good communication. Appropriate images replace text and make abstract ideas clear. Therefore, an appropriate visualization for all media is necessary. Good product photography is an important basis and often several representations of an item are necessary. Computer generated images offer extensive possibilities here. True-to-original representations of the object can be varied with CGI. Realistic-looking perspectives and scenes are created as CGI product images on the screen and expand on complex photo recordings at different locations.
Varied city and landscape images form a changing background. Even the light is variable and the incidence of light can be changed according to the image content. The lighting mood is adjusted for a specific scene and it can also be controlled in small parts. CGI product images reflect image content that is difficult or impossible to realize in pure product photography.


Reduce the effort in product photography with CGI

Photography can do many things: depict tiny objects and provide huge tools and machines with a good image. However, there are limits to the real recording technology. This is the place for CGI product images. Some parts are too tiny to capture in one shot. An unbelievably large amount of effort is required to photograph oversized vehicles or confusing production facilities.

The way out of the dilemma is: computer generated images. Now the views appear on the screen and computer-generated images bring movement into the object. The still depiction of the subject comes to life and new perspectives can be grasped at first glance. Image editing allows parts to be emphasized, essential functions to be highlighted and summarized in a multi-layered overall picture. The computer images combine clear, functional statements with aesthetic aspects.


Telling stories through CGI product images

Simple and clear images are necessary to illustrate product advertising, but these are not sufficient in the multifunctional media world. Products have to tell stories about how they are used, what benefits they promise and how they contribute to people's satisfaction or even happiness.
How do worlds of thought get a form and how do they become part of a product photograph? With CGI, descriptive values can be generated and the objects can be placed in multi-layered living environments that can be modeled in detail.

Computer generated images expand the viewing space in photography
Products are waiting for their buyers and users in many countries around the world. Cultural values play an increasing role in the brokerage of goods. So it becomes important to find an acceptable image character in product photography. From a recording, the representations that match the environment are created with the help of CGI.
Short-term changes can be implemented with little effort in computer-generated images.


CGI product images give products an appropriate status in different applications!

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